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Welcome! If you are just starting to make plans to relocate to Coral Springs, Boca Raton, Greater Fort Lauderdale, Heron Bay, Parkland, Weston, or any of the surrounding cities, or have just arrived, or are planning to move to this area, this page will serve as a helpful guide to the area. 

Coral Springs Real EstateFirst, a little about us. Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Greater Fort Lauderdale, Weston, and the surrounding cities are located in the center of Florida’s Gold Coast. That’s Gold as in gorgeous weather and also economic opportunity. Here, you’ll find one of the fastest growing communities in the world. As residents of the Gold Coast, we are successful and family-oriented people who love nothing better than a day spent sailing or enjoying any one of our many recreational amenities with our friends and families. Crime is low, there’s no state tax on personal income or gifts. 

But enough about us. Now its time to tell you what to expect when relocating with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty, Rubin Wites & Lea Plotkin.

We’ll send you out a relocation packet immediately. Better yet, let us know what we can do to make your relocation experience smooth and trouble-free. Send us an E-Mail and say hello at

After all, e-buyhomes and Lea Plotkin & Rubin Wites specialize in meeting the needs of future Floridians. 

Short Sale”. 

What is a short sale?  Very simply, a short sale is when a buyer purchases your home and negotiates with your Banks to take LESS than what you owe them.  The Banks accept this short payment as “Paid in Full” and that is how the loans will look on your credit report after closing.  The foreclosure proceedings stop and you will normally not owe the Banks any money at all after the house is sold.  Your credit report will not show the scarlet letter of a foreclosure which can ruin your financial situation for the next 10 years!  By almost any measure a completed foreclosure is the most damaging event your credit status can incur – worse than a bankruptcy. A foreclosure on your credit record will negatively impact your ability to borrow money or even rent a house for years.

The key is in knowing HOW to convince the Banks this is a smart business decision. 

We have created a Team of experts to help you through the process so that the short sale can be accomplished in the least amount of time, with the least discomfort to you. We have accomplished this without adding additional costs to the seller or buyer. The following are what our team will do for both buyers and sellers to facilitate this process.

  • Show you where to find properties that need to be sold with a short sale contract.
  • Explain the short sale basic concepts to Seller’s, so they know just how a short sale can benefit them.
  • Connect you with our network of nationwide investors who buy short sale properties to see if your short sale listing is right for them.
  • Give you the language needed to put in every short sale contract which will protect the Seller and the Buyer.
  • Work with the Seller to help them understand the short sale process and keep them motivated to sell.
  • Gather all of the documentation and disclosures the Banks will need from the Seller to get the short sale contract approved.
  • Create a detailed, customized short sale proposal for each of your contracts and submit that proposal to the Banks.
  • Negotiate with any lien holders on the property and get them to approve the short sale.
  • Negotiate with any Homeowner’s Associations and get them to approve the short sale.
  • Work with the title company and any Attorney’s that may be involved in the foreclosure process and get them to approve the short sale.
  • Convince the Banks to stop all foreclosure actions while the short sale contract is being reviewed.
  • Meet with the appraiser the Banks send to the property and make sure they are fully aware of all of the market conditions, listings and home prices prevalent in the market to insure they come back with a value which supports your short sale contract.
  • Use our personal relationships with the loss mitigation specialists at each Bank to get your short sale contract approved as quickly as possible and make sure it doesn’t fall to the bottom of the pile.

Lea Plotkin and Rubin Wites are not just Realtors we are business people who happen to be Realtors. Lea has a Masters Degree in fine Art, run a new construction project, Training and IT director for Prudential Wites Realty, before it was sold to Prudential Florida WCI Realty in May of 2000. Rubin has a degree in finance, owned and operated one of the most successful Local Real Estate firms for 20 years before selling it. Together we have developed successful marketing programs that have enabled us to be amongst the top 1% of all Realtors Nation Wide.  Today’s market is no different than any other and it requires aggressive marketing plans to enable both the Buyers and the Sellers that we work with to achieve their goals, that is what we excel at and if you would like more information on how we can help you as either a SELLER or BUYER in using the Short Sale process to your Benefit contact either Lea Plotkin at 954-802-8451 or Rubin Wites at 954-592-6734


Moving your family?
Let us help you feel at home before you arrive. 

We Can Help You

As soon as you start thinking about a move let us know. We’ll pave the way for a smooth transition with no additional cost to you. E-MAIL

Important Facts

You’re going to have many questions. Let us help you get the answers. We’ll begin by sending you Relocation Information containing important facts and figures about your new home town. 

You’ll learn about: email us for help

Special Needs

We’ll help you ease your mind by investigating any unique needs your family may have such as: special education child care, elder care, employment opportunities.

Taking the stress out of finding your new home

With your permission, we’ll have a Relocation Coordinator contact you to learn about your lifestyle requirements long before you arrive for your home search.

The Coordinator will select a real estate professional best suited to handle your family’s needs.

You’ll be assisted with:

  • coordinating your home finding trip
  • making hotel arrangements
  • scheduling appointments at schools, medical facilities, etc., if necessary.

When you arrive to look for your home you will:

  • be taken on a guided community tour
  • learn about the services and amenities important to your family’s adjustment
  • visit neighborhoods and homes that fit your family’s needs.

Once you’ve found your home you will:

  • be guided through negotiations
  • be directed to favorable financing
  • have your transaction monitored
  • receive progress reports
  • walk you through the entire closing process step by step!

We’ll Do The Best Job For You        

Your Existing Home

We always have a pool of buyers ready, willing and able to purchase homes so we can help sell your existing home to the right buyer for the best price in the shortest possible time. That’s because when other PRS members know of home buyers moving to this area, they will contact us to assist with the home search.

Your New Lifestyle  

Our fellow members specialize in helping families reestablish comfortable lifestyles as quickly as possible. Because they do, we are confident you can trust us to facilitate your family’s relocation anywhere in the country…or the world.

Lea & Rubin

Are you considering buying or selling a home in Coral Springs or Parkland Florida?

Lea & Rubin as your Real Estate Representatives, would love to help you find your dream home, vacation home, second home, or beach home. We service Parkland, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Weston, and Tamarac, Florida.

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